What we propose and expect

Being your lender of logbook loans, our primary aim is none other than to offer you the best deals and after-sale service that you deserve. We vow to stand by this and help build long-term relationships with our customers. In addition, we expect a few things as well so that the relationships gets through the hitches smoothly.

The first thing we need is absolute candor. If you are afraid that missing a few payments will lead to seizure of your vehicle, it is not true. We are understanding towards the problems of our customers and try to sit with them if there is a need for a discussion. If your financial position suffers and you fail to make a few payments, all you have to do is explain the situation to us and let us figure out a way that is mutually beneficial.

Another important thing to note is that the repossession of your car is considered by NNF10 Loans as a last resort only. What this means is that even if you are a little behind schedule on your payments, you will not suddenly receive a call telling you your car has been seized. In fact, we will tell you to not even consider it a possibility. The fact that you keep your car as a security does not give us any right to seize it, until and unless of course you show no intention of paying back the loan, which leaves us with little choice.

Lastly, all we require is cooperation so that a healthy relationship is formed and retained. We will help you through your difficult times and make efforts to bring you to good health. In return, we expect honest, punctual customers, who try their best to meet their obligations and understand the position of their lender.