Walking you through the process

Our promise is not just to get you the best deals but also help you on each and every step and guide you on every aspect. Here, we walk you through the entire process from the time you decide to get a logbook loan to the time when you have successfully paid it back.

1) The first step in this journey is our online application that you can find on our webpage. While we do encourage you to contact us, explore our website, and consider other sources of information to get to know more about these loans, once you have made the decision, there is nothing else to do than to fill in the application. Once you have done that, your part is done and the ball is in our court.

2) After we have received your application, we process it and get back to you in a matter of a few hours. We will confirm the details with you and make an appointment to examine your car.

3) On the time of the appointment, our representative is to come to the arranged destination and examine your car. After the examination, we make you an offer, which is a fraction of your car’s worth. This worth is based on the expert view of our representative, who estimate the car’s current market price.

4) Having made an offer, the decision is yours whether or not to go ahead with it. You fully reserve the option to look elsewhere but given you choose to proceed with the loan, we arrange you your loan without any delay.

5) After you have received the loan, we stay in touch and keep track of your progress. In case of any unfortunate hitches, we try our best to understand your situation and help you in any way we can.

So, if you need a place to start off, our online application is a great way to get things going.